Frank Thomas Rosen’s “auschwitz of the digital age” — talking about love.

auschwitz of the digital age by frank thomas rosen

It brings me great joy to spread the news about a new book soon to bless the American literary canon–Frank Thomas Rosen’s auschwitz of the digital age. In an online world, where the spirit of alt-right/neo-Nazi-like hatred grows more vociferous in its daily articulations, it is good to see a reverence for all humanity expressed to counter it. Creatively and thoughtfully, ftr does just that in this new collection, and a great deal more. – Truth Thomas

Coming to the Castle 11/29/2019 auschwitz of the digital age and other poems (new cognitive poetry) by Frank Thomas Rosen – cover design: David Saunier, drawings by Frank Thomas Rosen

auschwitz of the digital age is a bracing book that casts a sidelong glance at contemporary American life, bearing witness to the failure of the grand experiment in democracy. Rosen doesn’t shy away from the quotidian horrors of 21st century America: racism, gun violence, opioid addiction, the healthcare crisis, pollution, our dependence on the news cycle and digital technology—which he catalogues with measured, concrete language. This “east-german poet / tasting the bark of / american poetic diction” is both immigrant and exile, a clear-eyed observer of our “brief american eternity” in which we all find ourselves raising “a beer glass of blood” to the new American hero, “the kid that drew the fire.” —Stephan Delbos, author of Light Reading

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“Vintage Pigskin” by Rekaya Gibson

Vintage Pigskin

Inflated bladder
bladders inflated.

Rekaya Gibson

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Rekaya Gibson is a freelance writer and author. She has contributed content for Amtrak, HuffPost, Writer’s Digest Books, and several lifestyle magazines. She also has written and published seven books in multiple genres which include tales about magical foods, social media, and colorism. In her spare time, she hosts the “Black Girls Talk Sports Podcast.” Gibson resides in Virginia.