The Prophetic Poetry of Barbara Turney Wieland – A 2020 Reboot of “2017”

Love this shot. Love the work of this gifted poet–
Barbara Turney Wieland.

Reposting this poem of hers–“2017” that seems
prophetic now, given

all that has transpired in America since Donald
Trump entered White House doors. – t



starts as a shit storm
as a shit storm starts


Barbara Turney Wieland takes time for green tea steeped in a teapot, enjoys a bit of 100% dark chocolate and putting pen or paint to paper to see what comes out. Ever in wonder, she is an Aussie living in Switzerland, longing for sun, atm.


To order your copy of The Skinny Poetry Anthology
where more of Wieland’s

sterling work appears, simply go to Cherry Castle Publishing’s
online bookstore today.



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