“Whatever Fruits Your Loops” by Luca Schiro

“Whatever Fruits Your Loops”

Toucan Sam loves colorful, circular, fruity cereal.


Toucan Sam loves colorful, circular, fruity cereal.

Luca Schiro

Luca Schiro is a junior at Arrowhead Union High School. This student author loves Disney, eating cheese curds, and watching food reviews on YouTube. Schiro is on the Autism Spectrum, and this first published poem is a good reminder to be kind, reverence the talent in all people, and to celebrate and honor all of our differences.

Author’s note: The Pig Latin phrase ”oot-fray, oops-lay” was Toucan Sam’s strange language in the original commercials. It gave a unique identity to the new cereal “Froot Loops.” It was brilliant marketing and all the kids wanted to learn Pig Latin so they could talk like Toucan Sam.

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