Bookrise: “Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak” by Lori Desrosiers


Opening this new book by Lori Desrosiers you will find of memory and search, of second-thoughts and playful indecisions, poems that go back in time to retrieve music and mend heart. Indeed, the reader will find all kinds of music here: there is a violin that lacks music and there is a brother’s voice that speaks like father’s–but not when he sings. There is a reveille at 7.15am, and there is a young baby whose voice is known by her singing. And it is music that brings half-deaf father back from the dead. Page after page the reader will come to learn that it is memory–that beautiful, final chord, which reveals us to ourselves, and yet is unwritten by us. — Ilya Kaminsky

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Bookrise: “Reciting from Memory” by Jim Landwehr


Reciting From Memory ambles and moseys, occasionally floors it and often takes detours along highways and byways, poking into neighborhoods, local bars, diners and fishing holes. These poems report back from across a life.”  — Sarah Sadie, author of We Are Traveling Through Dark at Tremendous Speeds

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Bookrise: “Harbingers” by Jennifer Lagier


“In Harbingers, by Jennifer Lagier, you will find the sharp eye of the photographer, the passion of the environmental activist, and a prayer for the survival of the Earth. As the poet takes you on coastal walks on the Monterey Peninsula, she reveals her delight in all natural things and her fears about global warming. Elegantly crafted poem jewels, a joy to read.” — Blue Light Press

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