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A New Site: A New Call

Dear Poetry Family:
The new version of The Skinny Poetry Journal now lives online
at Start spreading the news. ‘)
Blessings and gratitude always,

The Skinny Poetry Journal is pleased to announce both its new website ( and its new “CRT and Me” Call for Submissions. We are looking for great poetry that documents Critical Race Theory (CRT) as it is Krazy glued to American history and the American present.

Submissions on the subject of “CRT and Me” will be accepted until May 5, 2022. TSPJ seeks your finest, most authentic, work. To submit your Skinnys for publishing consideration, please email them to: with your poem, or poems, copied into the body of your email. Full submission fee guidelines and rules of the form are available on the website.

TSPJ is edited by Truth Thomas and a team of other D.C.– based poets. Feel free to share the attached/embedded flyer broadly and help us spread the word about this healing-aimed, very needed call.

The Skinny Poetry Journal
Twitter: @TheSkinnyPJ


Buy a Coffee for Truth ‘)

Hey family: ‘) I’m the poet who developed the Skinny form and The Skinny Poetry Journal (TSPJ). If you’ve found any inspiration in the poetry TSPJ publishes, indeed if any of our content has touched you, then please consider throwing a little coffee coinage my way to help support this work. (JUST CLICK THE CUP. ‘)Your support will help me to support our wonderful–albeit, tiny–editorial team. Ubuntu. truth